A5 Notebook

A5 Notebook


Harkoi’s notebooks are your ideal work buddies. You can use this for all your work related scribbling or as a canvas for your art!

Bronze Statue A5 NotebookBronze Statue A5 Notebook
Brown Sparkle A5 NotebookBrown Sparkle A5 Notebook
Sage Green A5 NotebookSage Green A5 Notebook
Red Polka A5 NotebookRed Polka A5 Notebook
Plucked Rose A5 NotebookPlucked Rose A5 Notebook
Dull Pink A5 NotebookDull Pink A5 Notebook
Deep Lavender A5 NotebookDeep Lavender A5 Notebook
Cocoa A5 NotebookCocoa A5 Notebook
Baby Pink A5 NotebookBaby Pink A5 Notebook
Pink Orange Shimmer A5 NotebookPink Orange Shimmer A5 Notebook
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