Harkoi IdeaPad

Harkoi IdeaPad


A tiny ideapad to jot down your big and blowing ideas is what Harkoi’s ideapad is about. A pocket-sized pad which can be carried in your purse or pocket is exactly what you need.

Violet Enchantment IdeaPadViolet Enchantment IdeaPad
Black & Gold Statue IdeaPadBlack & Gold Statue IdeaPad
Lime Green IdeaPadLime Green IdeaPad
Copper Enchantment IdeaPadCopper Enchantment IdeaPad
Sky Blue IdeaPadSky Blue IdeaPad
Muted Coral IdeaPadMuted Coral IdeaPad
Succulent Green IdeaPadSucculent Green IdeaPad
Chocolate Milkshake IdeaPadChocolate Milkshake IdeaPad
Blue Polka IdeaPadBlue Polka IdeaPad
Cookie IdeaPadCookie IdeaPad
Black Polka IdeaPadBlack Polka IdeaPad
Antique Pink IdeaPadAntique Pink IdeaPad
Bronze Statue IdeaPadBronze Statue IdeaPad
Brown Sparkle IdeaPadBrown Sparkle IdeaPad
Sage Green IdeaPadSage Green IdeaPad
Red Polka IdeaPadRed Polka IdeaPad
Plucked Rose IdeaPadPlucked Rose IdeaPad
Dull Pink IdeaPadDull Pink IdeaPad
Deep Lavender IdeaPadDeep Lavender IdeaPad
Cocoa IdeaPadCocoa IdeaPad
Baby Pink IdeaPadBaby Pink IdeaPad
Pink Orange Shimmer IdeaPadPink Orange Shimmer IdeaPad
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