I’m Feeling Blue


Nail Polish

A combination of 2 Nail Serums + 2 Nail Lacquers + 1 Nail Topper : – NS04
Steel Blue, NS03 Purple Grey Evening, NL01 Slate Blue Shimmer, NL07 Liquid Silver, NL10 Blue Polka

NS04Steel Blue is a futuristic retro color, that was a surprise development. We never expected to love it as much as we did & it’s never failed to brighten up our looks

NS03Not every moment of the quarantine was bliss, but it’s those darker evenings, that gave us perspective. Inspired by those very moments, meet Purple Grey Evening. It’s that perfect shade of grey, with an undertone of purple.

NL01Inspired by the reflective luxe velvet of 19th century, we wanted to bring to you a shade that shifts beautifully from day to night. A slate blue base, with orange & red shimmer, reflective.

NL07Let’s head back to the era where our purses were filled with silver coins, & afternoon tea was just the absolute delight! We’ve melted silver coins for you & bottled it up.

NL10Our obsession with Bubble Tea has reached a whole new level, and we created this shade, for you to obssess with us. Black is such a versatile shade, that literally any polish will look good with this shade.

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