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Nail Polish

A combination of 1 Nail Serum + 2 Nail Toppers : – NL16 Violet Enchantment, NS05 Baby Pink, NL02 Pink Jelly Flaked

NL16These shades hold the power to encapsulate you into another time period. Braiding flowers into garlands by the lakeside, giggling and laughing with your friends, to the soothing music of the waterfall

NS05An homage to our teenage self’s obsession with Pink, we gave birth to the truest form of Pink that we think exists. Show us one hand where the polish doesn’t look good!

NL02On a particular evening, we felt adventurous & decided to extend the definition of a nude nailpolish. So you have a pink transculent jelly base, with reflective iridescent flakes. Definition of your nails but better.

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