1 Harkoi Mineral Matte Sunscreen (Full Size) + 1 Lip & Cheek Tint + 1 Nail Polish + 1 Nail Polish Remover Wipes

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Mineral Sunscreen 
A primer + sunscreen + sheer tint

Tired of blending your sunscreen for 5 minutes every morning? Harkoi has the solution for you! Match the closest shade to your skin and watch the sunscreen blend beautifully. We have 8 shades for you to choose from. Even though it is a pure mineral sun-screen with 20% Zinc Oxide, the texture is light and soft, with zero white cast. Added bonus - you can wear it as your everyday base makeup.

Lip & Cheek Tint - 
A blush + tinted lip serum + eyeshadow

a true multitasker this product, use it as a hydrating blush, lip serum & eyeshadow for the monochromatic look of your dreams. Made up of 6 different oils Almond, Avocado, Argan, Jojoba, Vitamin E & Marula, and Aloe vera & Grapefruit extract. A product packed full of goodness, in an airless pump packaging so you get to use every last drop.

Nail Serum -

The Harkoi Nail Serum collection was made to alleviate what we considered every day, work-appropriate colors. We understand the toll it can take on your hands to have them painted 24/7, thus we designed the polish to have hydrating & repair properties, from cucumber water, glycerin & resurrection plant extract.

Nail Polish Remover Wipe - 

If you are someone who often faces an issue while removing your nail polishes because it doesn’t come off properly or leaves your hands messy and covered in nail polish residue then these Nail Polish Remover Wipes are perfect for you. They not only remove nail polish but also hydrate your nails and cuticles.

Color: #1 - for light with pink undertone

#1 - for light with pink undertone
#2 - for light with neutral & yellow undertones
#3 - for medium with neutral and pink undertones
#4 - for medium with yellow undertone
#5 - For tan with golden undertone
#6 - For tan with neutral and pink undertones
#7 - For Deep with yellow and neutral undertones
#8 - For Deep with red undertone
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If you are someone who has aging skin, you will notice that wrinkles, crow's feet, and fine lines are starting to develop. While it is a very natural part of aging, if you do want to slow down this process, then sun protection will really help you. While the body is trying to regenerate itself, the sun's damage is happening at a much quicker pace. We really recommend using sunscreen every single day, because it acts as a barrier, protecting you from the pollution outside. Why use tinted sunscreen like


Before using the Harkoi Sunscreen your natural skin shines through, but after using Harkoi Mineral Matte Sunscreen you not only get even coverage, it gives you a nice natural matte-looking finish, and over the course of the day you will get less oily, less shiny and your skin will look radiant. It took us 2 years to perfect the formulation and texture of the formulation.


If you are someone who suffers from hyperpigmentation, we understand how difficult the journey can be. Sun protection is one of the major components to solve this problem. Your body itself has healing & regenerative powers where it can work to reduce pigmentation from sun damage or acne scarring, but you would notice that as you age the process gets slower and the external damage that the pollution is causing happens much faster. That is why sunscreen plays such an important role. It acts

Benefits of Harkoi Mineral Matte Sunscreen

3-in-1 Makeup + Skincare product

This product not only acts like a primer, and sunscreen it also acts as a sheer tint for your skin. So you can very easily get up in the morning, wash your face, put the product on, apply lipstick and be ready to step out for the day. It's that easy to useand cuts down on your routine from 6-7 steps to 2-3 steps. It's one of the reasons we love the product.

Zero White Cast

We have formulated the sunscreen to come in 8 different shades to match all different Indian Skin Tones so you are bound to find your perfect color match. That also means you are going to have zero white cast when you apply the product. So, you can apply Mineral Matte Sunscreen without worrying about it leaving you looking like a ghost

Pure Mineral-based Sunscreen

A lot of sunscreens claim to be mineral sunscreens but include chemical filters to boost the SPF value but the Harkoi Mineral Matte Sunscreen is purely made of Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide which means that your protection comes purely from mineral-based sunscreen filters. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding this sunscreenis really great to use.

Phytosqualane & Vitamin E

The product includes Phytosqualane derived from Olives and Vitamin E that helps your skin stay moisturized throughout the day.

Why Choose Harkoi?

Our Story

In mid of 2018, our Founder Ritu Bhagat was working in the Beauty Industry in the research and innovation of some of the Biggest Brands out there and realised the gap in the market where all the decissions for the Brands and product launches were

Conscious Formulation

No Known Endocrine Disruptors, Carcenogens and Irritants. We, at Harkoi, believe in making products that are safe for you. When you use our skincare or bodycare products you don’t need to worry about what actually is going in your system. We

Non-toxic Ingredients

Our Founder, Ritu Bhagat, having gone through herself with PCOS/ PCOD, realised an endocrine disruptors in our everyday life and wanted Harkoi products without, so you could use the products freely and without any worries. Thats why, all our formula

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Harkoi formulations are either vegan/ vegetarian depending on the formulations used and are cruelty free that means not tested on any animal.


1) Will I get all 4 products in this bundle?
A: Yes, you will receive all 4 products by buying this bundle.
2) Is the bundle suitable for oily skin type?
A: Yes, all products in this bundle are suitable for oily skin types.
3) Is this bundle suitable for dry skin types?
A: Yes, all products in this bundle are suitable for dry skin types. Please apply moisturizer before the mineral sunscreen.
4) Is this bundle customisable?
A: Yes this bundle is fully customisable.
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