A5 Spiral Notebook - our packaging, our design, your ideas!

Rs. 150.00

If you're new to Harkoi, our product packaging has a cult like following.

With over 49+ designs in our Nail Polish collection, we have a design for every taste. 

Due to popular demand, we converted some of our designs into these thin A5 notebooks. They weigh less that 150 grams and perfect to carry with you on the way!

Color: Bronze Statue A5 Notebook

Bronze Statue A5 Notebook
Brown Sparkle A5 Notebook
Sage Green A5 Notebook
Red Polka A5 Notebook
Plucked Rose A5 Notebook
Dull Pink A5 Notebook
Deep Lavender A5 Notebook
Cocoa A5 Notebook
Baby Pink A5 Notebook
Pink Orange Shimmer A5 Notebook
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