NC2- Nail Hardener

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Nail Hardener and Repair Serum

A Nail Hardener which doubles as a base coat.
If you are someone who regularly used extensions or gel nail polishes, you would experience nail peeling, weaker nails, texture on nail bed etc. We have formulated a Nail Hardener that seals in all the layers of your nail to not only protect it from further damage but also heal it.


Caution-Keep Away from Heat & Flame Shake well before Use
Marketed by: Harkoi, 11A, HariharLifescapes, Mumbai 400004.
Manufactured by: Fiabila India Pvt Ltd, V-16 & 17, MIDC, TALOJA-410208.
M.L.NO: MKD-C-180, Net Content: 8ml. MRP -200, Batch No- 20422, Mfg Date - 01/07/22, Exp Date - 01/12/24
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Use before 30 months from the mfg Date

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● Specialised formula in France.
● Made with superior ingredients to strengthen your nails and repair damaged ones.
● Safe so that even kids can apply it.
● One swipe nail hardener.
● Free from 12 toxins, such as Paraben, Camphor, Xylene, Lead, Ethyl Tosylamide, TPHP, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde Resin, Formaldehyde, Triphenyl phosphate, Benzophenones, Phthalates.
● Makes the base polish last longer.


It is a strengthening formula created specifically for people who have damaged nails because of regular use of gel polishes and nail extensions. It works as a transparent base coat which has all the necessary ingredients to bring back to life damaged and weak nails and heal them completely over time.


A lot of people often tend to damage their nails with regular application of gel polishes and
nail extensions. Nails tend to get brittle and weak because of it. It was about time we created
something that not only helps your nails stop from getting damaged but also work on
strengthening them from the base and provide all that the nails need in order to get healthy


Apply one coat of Harkoi’s Nail Hardener and let it dry completely. Top it off with any of your nail polishes. This not only works as a strengthening formula for your nails but also helps your nail polish last longer.

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Our Story

In mid of 2018, our Founder Ritu Bhagat was working in the Beauty Industry in the research and innovation of some of the Biggest Brands out there and realised the gap in the market where all the decissions for the Brands and product launches were

Conscious Formulation

No Known Endocrine Disruptors, Carcenogens and Irritants. We, at Harkoi, believe in making products that are safe for you. When you use our skincare or bodycare products you don’t need to worry about what actually is going in your system. We

Non-toxic Ingredients

Our Founder, Ritu Bhagat, having gone through herself with PCOS/ PCOD, realised an endocrine disruptors in our everyday life and wanted Harkoi products without, so you could use the products freely and without any worries. Thats why, all our formula

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Harkoi formulations are either vegan/vegetarian depending on the formulations used and are cruelty free that means not tested on any animal.


Q1. Do nail hardeners stop water?

Ans. Yes nail hardening polish will stop your nail from absorbing water through the top of your nail. However your nail will still absorb water under the free edge and any parts thataren't covered.

Q2. Is using a nail hardener solution really beneficial to grow strong and healthynails?

Ans. Yes. If your nails are weak and they constantly break, try using the hardener for acouple weeks. Your nails will strengthen over a period of time and will avoid breakage.

Q3. Are nail hardening treatments safe and healthy for fingernails?

Ans. Yes, the Harkoi Nail Hardener is consciously formulated without knownendocrine disruptors, carcinogens or irritants. Most strengthening treatments are eitherfor peeling, weak or brittle nails.

Q4. What causes Peeling of nails?

Ans. Dry peeling nails are usually because of excessive usage of gel nail polishes andextensions which do not let your nails breathe and make them brittle. They are alsocaused by a number of issues stemming from environmental damage and deficiencyof certain vitamins in your body.

Q5. Can I use nail hardener for my toes?

Ans. It is perfectly alright to use nail hardener on your toe nails because we do not get thechance to take care of them frequently which makes them weak and brittle. So, Nailhardeners work equally well for your toenails and help them strengthen.

Q6. Can I apply nail polish on top of my nail hardener?

Ans. The nail hardener not only strengthens the nail bed but also helps the applied nailpolish on it to stay for longer. It secures all the layers of the nail polish which makes it lastlonger and avoids damaging the nails directly as it is protected by the layed created by thehardener.

Q7. How often do you need to apply nail hardener?

Ans. To repair damaged nails, a nail strengthener should be applied every 3 days for 7-14days in order to see optimal results. For preventative nail maintenance, a nail strengthenercan be applied once a week or with each new manicure as a basecoat.

Q8. What is the purpose of a Nail Hardener?

Ans. Nail strengthener enhances the health of your nails by providing them with extra nourishment and acting as an additional layer of protection for your nail plate. When youapply nail strengthener to your nails, it creates a flexible film on the surface of your nails,which protects them from damage.