Harkoi Cleansing Balm - best friend to remove makeup

Rs. 299.00
a balm to melt makeup away

an unsung hero, this product is like giving yourself a massage and washing away all the makeup with it. In the crazy days of rubbing your skin and causing wrinkles, choose a better option. 

Why the Harkoi Cleansing Balm?

It's a no-fuss balm, with ZERO active ingredients. Meaning, whatever your skin is going through, this balm won't irritate you at all. 
It comes in travel-friendly containers great for on-the-go! We always have one in our bags for overnight sleepovers! 
Mild Surfactants, Mighty Cleansing Power - while the cleansing agent is mild, the action can remove even 10 layers of waterproof mascara!

If you are a makeup artist, use our mini cleansing balms to gift to your bride and create a more cohesive experience for your bride while not only applying but also removing makeup.
Net Weight - 8 Grams
Net Weight - 23 Grams

Size: 8 grams (Travel Size)

8 grams (Travel Size)
3 pieces of (8 grams)
10 pieces of (8 grams)
25 pieces of (8 grams)
23 gms (Full Size)
2 pieces of (8grams)
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What Is Inside The Product?
Who This Product Is For?
Anyone who uses a facewash and wants a replacement. Anyone who wears makeup. Anyone who wears sunscreen. Anyone tired of Makeup Remover Wipes Anyone tired of Micellar Water
How To Use This Product?
To help you use the product, we've illustrated the exact steps on the packaging as well. First, take a little bit of the balm, massage it onto areas with makeup, and melt it all away. The balm will pick up color now, and once all the makeup is removed away from your face, wash the balm away. Next, you can use a gentle face wash for a deeper clean.
Factual details about the product
Manufactured by - Beleza Italia, 665 A(1), B, C OM SAI INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, VIRAR (E) 401305, DT. PALGHAR M.L. NO :- MH/102654. Marketed by : Harkoi, 11A, Harihar Lifescapes, Mumbai- 400004. For Complaints- care@harkoi.in, 9324268937. Shop - www.harkoi.in. MRP-299. USP- 37.37/gm. Batch No- GA23 Mfg Date- 01/07/23 Exp Date- 01/06/25 Net Content - 8gms. and MRP- 499. USP- 21.69/gm. Batch No- GA23 Mfg Date- 01/07/23 Exp Date- 01/06/25 Net Content - 23gms. Made In India.

Understand the Product

Today there might be a hundred different types of cleansing balms out there, but we knew we wanted to solve 3 main problems. Affordability, travel sizes & a lack of actives.

Affordability was key, we wanted to give you Korean quality at pocket-friendly prices.
Travel Sizes because carrying a 100-gram jar with you for every trip, wedding, etc can be too tedious.
No Actives - because our skin is exposed to so many actives regularly, we wanted this product to soothe you and not overwhelm you.

How It Works

Massage the balm onto your face

Use circular motions for an additional lifting benefit. Use no pressure at all, go over stubborn areas multiple times.

Wash your Face with Water

Just splash water repeatedly times till you can't feel the balmy texture anymore.

Use Face Wash for a double cleanse

Optional step, only needed if you want to get rid of any excess moisture.

Benefits of the Harkoi Cleansing Balm


The mini size will last you for a month if used every day.

No Actives, Just Balm

Due to the lack of actives, it will suit all types of skin.

Travel Size

The only ever travel size balm for convenience.

Lightweight, not oily!

Petroleum jelly-like balm, great for skin types with comedogenic issues.

Why Choose Harkoi?

Our Story

In 2018, our Founder Ritu Bhagat was working in the Beauty Industry in the R&I for some of the Biggest Brands out there and realized that all the decisions were taken by white old French men for a brown Indian female audience. She saw her market there.

Conscious Formulation

No Known Endocrine Disruptors, Carcinogens and Irritants. We, at Harkoi, believe in making products that are safe for you. When you use our skincare or body care products you don’t need to worry about what actually is going in your system.

Non-toxic Ingredients

Our Founder, Ritu Bhagat, having gone through herself with PCOS/ PCOD, realized an endocrine disruptors in our everyday life and wanted Harkoi products without, so you could use the products freely and without any worries. That's why, all our formula

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Harkoi formulations are either vegan/ vegetarian depending on the formulations used and are cruelty free that means not tested on any animal.


What is a cleansing balm?
Cleansing balms are wax-textured facial cleansers, best suited for dry/very dry skin. They gently cleanse the face, removing dirt/impurities and makeup (including heavy or waterproof makeup). Most importantly balms are meant to moisturize and nourish skin, and not dry it.
Cleansing lotion vs Cleansing Balm
Similar to a cleansing balm, a cleansing lotion gently cleanses makeup and moisturizes your skin. (More on cleansing lotions) You can use it for removing most of your makeup (except the waterproof part, for which you’ll need a separate makeup remover). Compared to lotions, cleansing balms provide deeper cleansing, moisturization, and nourishment. They also remove heavy and waterproof makeup that cleansing lotions/other cleansers may be unable to remove.
Face wash vs Cleansing Balm
If you are living in a very polluted environment, or use facial makeup, then we always recommend using a cleanser or makeup remover before using the face wash. Else, the additional load of oils from the makeup is going to render your face wash less effective. In exceptional cases, such as very light exposure to the environment, and with the right cleansing balm/lotion, you can skip the face wash altogether.
How often should I use it?
We recommend you use it twice a day, as part of a regular C-T-M routine. Besides this, you can use it for makeup removal as and when required.
How is a Cleansing Balm useful for dry skin?
The balm is a rich and creamy textured cleanser, which softens your skin and nourishes it without drying it out. It avoids further drying your skin out and causing flakes.
How is a Cleansing Balm useful for oily skin?
Just like a lightweight face cream, a cleansing balm is gentle on your skin, except it effectively cleans away the excess oil and bacteria from your face.
How is a Cleansing Balm useful for sensitive or acne-prone skin?
For people with sensitive skin, this one is for you. A cleansing balm is generally made up of natural ingredients like waxes, oils, and butter, which make it ideal for your skin. Since cleansing balms are free from artificial fragrances, chemicals, and alcohol, they reduce the chances of acne breakouts. They gently and swiftly buff away excess oil and particles.
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