35+ Nail Art for Indian Skin

35+ Nail Art for Indian Skin
Here are some nail art recommendations for all Indian Skin Tone. 

1. Copper Glitter Nail Art

This copper glitter nail art will suit all Indian skin tones.

2. Pink Nude Polish with Glossy French Tips 

 Here's proof that even the slimmest lines can make a big impact with this nail art trend.

3. A Unique Nail Art With Animal Print

Try animal print nail art for a ferocious twist. We love the leopard look here, but feel free to go for any look your heart desires, such as zebra or cow print.

4. Animal Print Nail art with Different Shades 

This animal prints nail art with different shades of Harkoi Polishes.  

5. Splashy Nail Art 

Colors are a way of life for us, try out this amazing nail art. 

6. Light Brown with Dark Brown Nail Art 

The best part about these light brown and dark brown nail art is that they don't require loads of effort to bring to life. 

7. Nude Nail Polish Nail Art 

This eye-catching look is the opposite of minimalist and we love it!

8. Blue & White Polish Nail Art

This freestyle nail art for Indian skin tone is very easy to achieve.  

9.  Brown French Tip Nail Art

This minimalist design is work-appropriate, yet also a fun look for vacation.

10. Gold Glitter French Tip Nail Art 

This gold glittery french nail art is another example proving that almond-shaped nails don't have to be long. 

11. Summery Marble Nail Art 

A marble nail art using the stamper smoosh technique with nail polishes from Harkoi.
This design is done using the easiest method of nail art we have come across.

12. Bronze Glitter Nail Art 

If iconic statues were to be placed on your fingernails, we wanted this ultra shimmer, bronze shade to be the first. Inspired by Christ the Redeemer, it illuminates your hands.

13. Pink Nude Polish With White French Tips

This minimalist pink nail polish with white french tips looks fantastic. 

14. Silver Glitter Nail Polish 

This nail art is so easy to achieve for your party night. 

15. Colorful Nail Art 

Playing around with nail polish colors that we think are awesome for Indian skin tone. 

16. Nude Polish With Gold Shade Nail Art

A nude nail look never goes out of style.

17. French Nail Art With Brown Shades 

Love french tips but want to get creative with color? This brown nail color take on the classic look is a winner in our book.

18. Indian Wedding Nails


Some of our favorite Indian wedding nails for a spectacular bridal look! Tips and inspiration for this season.

19. Colorful Nail Art

Looking for a photogenic nail look for summer? This colorful matte art gives us major vacation vibes.

20. Chocolate Brown Nail Polish with Ocean Blue Nail Art 

This modern style shows how playing with lines seamlessly meshes opposite colors together in the best way.

21. Blue, White & Black Nail Polish Art

This nail polish art is the inspiration for janmashtami festival for all Indian skin tone. 

22. Spring Themed Nail Art 

Really beautiful spring themed nails 🌿🌻with freehand painting and dotting tool.

23. Father's Day Nail Art 

It’s cute how fathers argue with their daughters the most but can never buy anything for themselves without their approval.

24. Sweater Nail Art 

Harkoi's green base polish then applied matte top then drew the pattern with the same green nail polish.

25. Sage Green Nail Art 

Sage green  makes a chic statement, as shown in this classic nail art. 

26. Blue Polka Nail Art 

This blue polka nail art is very easy to achieve all you have to do is use Harkoi's blue polka nail topper. 

27. Multi-Color Nail Polish Art

We love beautiful nail looks with different polishes. Create one of your own looks. Polishes used -
1. Base coat - Baby Pink
2. Middle coat - Purple Grey Evening
3. TOP coat - Black and Gold Statue
Try it out with your favorite set if Harkoi polishes

28. Pink Nail Polish With Daisy Flower Print 

When it comes to spring nail designs, we always want to add the seasonal touch into the design to say goodbye to the cold winter. Warm weather, colorful blooms all make the nail colors gentle and seasonal. 

29. Black and Gold Statue Nail Polish

This nail is very easy to achieve all you need is Harkoi's Black and Gold Statue nail polish. 

30. Muted Coral and Gold Statue Nail Art 


Such a fabulous and unique color choice for this design.

31. Galaxy Nail Art 

To achieve this nail art look all you need is silver nail polish and Harkoi's Black and Gold Statue nail polish. 

32. Gold Enchantment Topper on Purple Grey Evening Nail Art 

These shades hold the power to encapsulate you into another time period. Like dragons breathing fire into the world, and protecting treasures we’d only hear of in story books.

33. Pretty In Pinks With Gold Glitter 

It’s true when they say that you’ve not experienced true love if you’ve not had a dog. This Nail art is made with Harkoi's nail polish.  

34. Matte Sage Green Nail Art 

If you want something that leans on the professional side, go for a simple, matte finish with this Harkoi's sage green polish. 

35. Marble Nails Nail Art 

Marble nails are so much fun. These are our favorite marble nails. 


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