How every hair color looks on Indian skin - so you can choose your perfect match

How every hair color looks on Indian skin - so you can choose your perfect match

Planning to color your hair? Let this serve you as a guide to choose the right color for your Indian skin tone.

1. Black & Red Color 

This elegant shade is a perfect blend of rich brown and golden red. 

2. Silver Brown

A mix of silver brown highlights and dark brunette hair is stunning. It gets more delightful if you have long hair. 

3. Warm Brown

If you want to bring some warmth to your skin so warm caramel browns or golds are great for those who want a more subtle and discreet style.

4. Red Orange Hair Color

One of the most sought-after fall hair color trends, are an ideal match for warm skin tones.

6. Caramel Brown 

The most beautiful color in the hair for summer days!

7. Dark Brown

Dark hair with highlights can be styled so that the lighter strands will be noticeable only when your hair is curled.

8. Purple Hair Color

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a bright change or a soft makeover, the amazing purple hair color won’t leave you indifferent.

9. Burgundy and Purple Mix

There's nothing hotter than purple burgundy hair! These smoldering shades suit every skin tone and show off the fiery side of your personality.

10. Blue Hair 

Dark blue shades channel tranquility, high class, and mystery. 

11. Green Color Highlights

Green hair is the best rebel-with-a-cause hair color trend. If you have black hair, you have to try this beautiful blend.

12.  Brown Hair Color

Indian dusky girls will love brown hair color, which features a shot of red to make the color more eye-catching.

13. True Black 

True Black is just perfect for Indian skin tone. 

14. Copper Hair Color

An abundance of reddish copper hair color in this balayage makes for super warm, autumn-ready hair that keeps its brown base for easy maintenance.

15. Brown Highlights 

Flashes of brown highlights give a brown base a glossy boost.

16. Coffee Brown

This coffee brown highlights will suit every Indian skin tone. 

17. Purple Red Hair Color

If your skin has a pink undertone, nothing will work better than a coppery shade with a rose undertone finishing the look.

18. Burgundy Hair Color

This dramatic burgundy shade is perfect for those with olive or dark complexions and light brown or brown eyes.

19. Brown Hair Highlights 

Seems like we’ve just found the most unique and effortless shade of brown. 

20. Red Tips Highlights

This dramatic color is very intense and goes well with light brown eyes and brown  skin tone.


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