In mid of 2018, our Founder Ritu Bhagat was working with some of the biggest beauty brands in the R&I space and re-alized the gap in the market where all the decisions for the brands and new product launches were made by older white men, whereas the target audience was younger Indian females. This difference made her realize how much better beauty and the products in the industry could be if the decision-makers understood the real issues faced by the users. Makeup in India is made with the goal to look 'fairer' 
and 'whiter', rather than enhance and wear your true skin proudly. That’s why we created Harkoi, we wanted a brand that celebrated & solved beauty problems faced by Indian skin & skin tones. We wanted a brand that fought against the traditional mindset of 'fair is beautiful' and the Colorism faced by people of deeper skin tones every day.
We noticed common issues faced by people of Indian skin tones and types are white cast when using a sunscreen, chronic dark circles, hyper-
pigmentation, etc. We're working every day to launch products to solve these problems. We knew from Day 1 that Harkoi products would be Clean, but we also realised he issues that came with these terms. We didn't want to be green- washing our products and wanted to be true and honest with you. Thus we use the term con-sciously formulated, and make sure to define it for you. All of Harkoi's products are formulated without known Endocrine Disruptors, Carcinogens or Irritants.

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Having personally gone through PCOS/ PCOD, Ritu knew the importance and affects of endocrine disruptors in our everyday lives. She knew that she wanted the Harkoi customer to shop worry free from our brand. So what can you expect from a Harkoi formulation? It will be made for Indian skin tones & types, it will be with- out known Endocrine Disruptors, Carcinogens or Irritants, it will include science backed intelligent ingredients and actives, and that it will be sustainably sourced.
The goal was and always will be to cater to the Brown Skin Tones. While we continue to develop products for this target audience, if you think there is a problem you face that we can solve, please click the link below to submit your product ideas, we would love to hear from you.
Additionally, at Harkoi its a constant endeavor to showcase our products on real people & real skin. We do this through our Humans of Harkoi ongoing campaign where we share Real Stories of Harkoi customers while using our products. If you wish to participate, please fill out the form below.

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