Tired of trying to find the best sunscreen for your oily skin? Here’s something to help you out!

Tired of trying to find the best sunscreen for your oily skin? Here’s something to help you out!

The basis of any good skincare routine is Sunscreen. It is the brick and mortar. You could have the best cleanser, the best serum, the best essence that you get imported from Korea but none of that would matter if your sunscreen is not doing its job well. The sunscreen creates a layer on top of your skin and sits on top of it protecting you from pollution, sun rays and UV rays. Our body itself is capable of healing all the damage that it's enduring but as we age, the healing speed of our body and the damage is disproportionate. Thus using sunscreen can be a game changer. It's like a shield protecting you while your body is healing itself.

There are 7 Billion people on the planet and it is hysterical to even think that they all have a similar kind of skin. Some have oily skin, some have dry, some have both in patches, and some others are sensitive. The possibilities are endless and to cater to all with just one product seems like an over-ambitious goal. Sunscreens are formulated keeping in mind the different skin types we have and the different situations that we will use them in. We are lucky to be in the golden age of skincare with a plethora of options to choose from.

As someone with oily skin, my only concern is my forehead and nose looking like a fried fritter that shines from a distance of meters. One would be a fool in all its sense to pick a sunscreen that adds on to the oiliness. The thumb rule of finding a sunscreen that is perfect for oily skin is to surely stay miles away from an oil-infused or oil-based product. While some may appear watery, it might be a oil in water emulsion. Thus you still get a greasy residue after. Mineral sunscreens work beautifully for oily skin type because they have the tendency to mattify your skin. Some other light weight water soluble filters are also a good option.

The ultimate solution to a problem like this would be to pick a sunscreen that mattifies the skin and ensures that there is no oil residue after the application of it. A matte sunscreen not only solves the purpose of protecting your skin from all the damage but also creates a thin film for a primer like finish. It gives an even coverage and neutralizes the excess oil on the face to avoid clogging the pores which cause breakouts and acne. 

Matte sunscreens are of two types, chemical or physical. Either of the filters would work for you as long as the base of the sunscreen is matte in texture.

Another suitable alternative for a sunscreen for oily skin would be a lightweight gel-based one. It spreads evenly and smoothly on the face and is non-sticky and lightweight which is perfect for oily skin. 

Sunscreens often end up making you look like a ghost straight out of a horror movie but Harkoi’s Matte sunscreen is tinted and is available in 8 shades keeping in mind the Indian skin tone. It is a god sent choice for people with oily skin or combination skin. The velvety texture makes you look great and gives a sheer coverage. You don’t have to worry the next time you clock in for a zoom meeting, head to go shopping, brunch with friends, or a normal day at work. The Harkoi Matte Sunscreen is there to your rescue. The beauty of a primer + sunscreen + tint in one product.

Another thing that people absolutely love about the Harkoi Matte Sunscreen is that it works as a base for your make up because of the tint. You can happily achieve your “no makeup” make up look with this all-rounder sunscreen. So, adding another layer of foundation can be skipped whenever you’re stepping out of the house.  

Harkoi is a brand that firmly believes in clean beauty and promises to follow the motto throughout. It is very important to have a transparent ingredient list so that the customer is well aware of what they are using and Harkoi totally supports that. 

The key ingredients used in the Harkoi sunscreen are phytosqualane, a natural substance commonly found in olive seed which penetrates deep into the skin to provide superior hydration and fights off skin-damaging free radicals that contribute to early signs of ageing. The star of our sunscreen, Zinc Oxide, which acts as a warrior for the skin. It halts the ageing process and has a broad spectrum protection that protects the skin against UVB, UVA II and UVA I. Possibly the darling of the sunscreen world.

And the last, Vitamin E which provides extra protection against any damage caused by the sun or pollution.

It’s about time you bid adieu to any other sunscreen if you have oily skin and even your compact powder because 20% of the sunscreen is zinc oxide powder which gives you a beautiful blurry and mattifying look. 

Happy Sunscreening! 


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