30+ Lip Colors To Rock As a Deeper Skin Toned Woman

30+ Lip Colors To Rock As a Deeper Skin Toned Woman
We've rounded up the best  lipsticks that'll look perfect for all deep skin women.

1. Matte Burgundy Lipstick 

This matte burgundy lipstick is perfect for your wedding day. 

2. Brown Glossy Lipstick 

This lipstick shade It looks enticing and doesn’t look unnatural or overdone.

3. Soft Brown - Pink Nude Lipstick 

This soft pink brown nude lipstick will look amazing on deep skin tone. 

4. Pink Lipstick


It’s a perfect pink lipstick that seems to suit everyone.

5. Deep Dark Brown Lipstick 

This deep dark brown lipstick will look perfectly nude on a deep skin tone.

6. Pink Gloss Lipstick 

This shade goes hand in hand with Asian dark, African dark as well as African-American deep - dark skin tone.

7. Red Metallic Lipstick

Red is a universal favorite. It looks equally enticing, hot and seductive on every skin tone. 

8. Dark Brown Lip Liner with Nude Pink Lipstick 

Brown blurring lip liner that delivers diffused color or contours with a nourishing velvety texture and luscious pink nude matte finish.  

9.  Pink Shimmer lipstick with Gloss

Indulge your lips with hydration and shine. 

10. Red - Brown Lipstick

This lipstick shade will make your pout look pillowy and full but is subtle enough for you to add extra drama to your wedding look.

11. Red Lipstick with Brown lipstick on Corner

With the right shade of red, you can complement any look with a bright statement.

12. Orange Lipstick

Looking for the best lip color to complement your skin tone? Try this orange lipstick.

13. Brown - Burgundy Velvety Lipstick 

This shade is just perfect for deep skin tone women.  

14. Pink-Brown Nude Lipstick

This lipstick shade is really good if you want to achieve a clean makeup look.

15. Orange Glossy Lipstick

Charm the world with slightly lighter and creamier shades of coral orange lipstick.

16. Pink Lipstick with Brown Lip Liner


This Lip Combo is just perfect for deep skin tone.

17. Orange Glossy Lipstick with Brown Lips Liner

This works for almost all medium to deep skin tones and really makes the lips pop.

18. Glossy Brown Lipstick

Latte  brown color that looks gorgeous on deeper skin tones especially. 

19. Pink Glossy Lipstick

This shade is the perfect rosy nude to suit all skin tones.

20. Bright Red Lipstick

Go bold with this bright red lipstick. 

21. Nude Lipstick and Brown Lip Liner 

Achieve this beautiful lip look like Alexa Demie.

22. Brown Lipstick with Lip Glitter 

This lip combo is just perfect for your party night. 

23. Brown - Peachy Glossy Nude Lipstick

Surprise the world being a mysterious dark princess with the spectacular lipstick shade. 

24. Pink - Brown Nude Lipstick 

This lipstick shade can be paired with a subtle no makeup-makeup look. 

25. Soft Pink Lipstick 

This lipstick shade will give you summer vibes.

26. Orange Lipstick with Medium Brown Lip Liner

If you want to achieve sun kissed makeup look try this lipstick combo. 

27. Pink Metallic Lipstick

This pink metallic lipstick shade is the perfect complement for your deep skin tone. 

28. Coffee Brown Lipstick 

This Lipstick shade looks trendy and sophisticated.

29. Light Pink Lipstick with Brown Lip Liner 

If you want to wear any light shade lipstick wear it with brown lip liner. 

30. Deep Dark Brown Lipstick

This deep dark brown lipstick shade is just so classy.


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