How to choose the perfect hair color based on your Skintone

The best color for you that complements your skin tone, physique, and eyes, while giving you that ravishingly beautiful look. 
Here are some shades of hair color for every skin tone woman can slay.

Fair Skin Tone

1. Cool Blonde Shade

 Cool blonde shade is great on fair skin tone.

2. Red & Dark Auburn

It may sound counter-intuitive, but red & dark auburn is actually a very flattering option for those with pink undertones.

3. Dark Chocolate 

It's pretty hard to go wrong with dark chocolate.

4. Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde hair color is great on fair and neutral skin tones.

5. True Black

In the world of hair color, black isn't a one-note option, different tones and highlights add subtle variety.

Brown Skin Tone

1. Reddish Brown

We would recommend going with a color that looks rich and vibrant like a reddish brown.

2. Caramel & Golden Brown

For brown skin tones, it's best to choose warm browns and caramels to accentuate your skin's natural depth

3. Caramel Blonde

 Caramel blonde hair color is great on brown and neutral skin tones

4. Burgundy Hair 

This dramatic burgundy shade is perfect for those with olive or brown complexions and blue or brown eyes.

5. Blue Shade Hair 

Blue hair is just the hair color for women with brown skin and brown eyes.

Dark Skin Tone

1. Dark Burgundy Hair 

If you want to express your bold and artistic flair, this color is just for you. 

2. Ashy Brown Highlights 

These ashy browns go extremely well with those who have olive or dark complexions.

3. Mauve Red

Any woman who prefers a warm-toned hair color can absolutely make mauve red work you.

4. Purple Hair Color with Hint of Red

The color purple is feminine and also symbolizes energy, which is the perfect definition of a woman.

5. Red Streaks 

The vivid streaks will make you hair ten times cooler.


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