50 anti-aging foods from around the world to make your skin look gorgeous & WHY

Here are some 50 anti - aging foods from around the world to make your skin look gorgeous. 

1. Avocados 

Avocados are high in healthy fats. Avocados are packed with monounsaturated and some polyunsaturated fats - the 'good fats,'Overall, fats can help nourish your skin and prevent dryness. 

2. Pomegranates

There's a good reason pomegranates are an ingredient in so many beauty products. "Pomegranate seeds contain the potent antioxidant anthocyanins as well as ellagic acid, which both increase collagen production. 

3. Green Tea 

You might want to replace your morning cup of Joe with green tea if you want to look younger. Green tea is particularly high in polyphenols.

4. Eggs 

Protein is the fabric of collagen, and eggs are a top source of high-quality protein. But don’t just eat egg whites, as the yolks contain other skin-boosting nutrients.

5. Oysters 

Rich in proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, oysters would be an ally with a thousand benefits to improve the radiance and firmness of the skin and even to fight certain signs of aging.

6. Blueberries 

blueberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that are great for the skin. They help fight the damage caused by environmental factors that pull down your skin and make it look lifeless. Blueberries nourish the skin and bring back the glow naturally. You can consume blueberries regularly or apply them to your skin as a face mask paired with yogurt.

7. Broccoli

Broccoli contains a substance called glucoraphanin that converts into sulforaphane, aiding skin repair and resulting in healthy skin. Thus, eating broccoli renews your skin more quickly.

8. Prunes

Prune juice if taken regularly can load your body with essential vitamins and minerals. And naturally, your skin, or the largest organ in your body, will benefit from this. 

9. Salmon 

The reason the omega-3 found in salmon is so great for skin, is because it helps to calm inflammation, which can lead to a breakdown of collagen and elastin, both of which keep skin looking youthful.

10. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a rich and delicious taste. In addition to its high nutritional value, it is a great source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate may also promote good skin and heart health. Most of the benefits of dark chocolate come from cocoa flavanols. Flavanols are antioxidants that reduce inflammation and boost brain function.

11. Carrots

Carrots possess vitamin A, and Vitamin A is beneficial for treating acne. Moreover, you won’t experience any side effects medicines might give you. It also has calcium and sodium, which help treat acne. Carrots are rich in fiber, which is essential in flushing out toxins from your body. This will help reduce your acne breakouts.

12. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Vitamin C and vitamin E are essential for skin and hair health. Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis which is the main structural protein of the skin.

13. Leafy Greens

The vitamin E found in leafy greens protects skin cells from free radical damage. Not only that it helps with skin hydration and elasticity. Overall it protects our healthy cells from damage while halting the growth of malignant cells. 

14. Tomatoes

It contains several skin-benefiting vitamins and nutrients that can give you the skin of your dreams. Rich in lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes, it can repair damaged skin and restore its natural, healthy glow.

15. Flax-seeds

Flaxseeds has antioxidants and a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids that can lighten scars, making your skin look more smooth and radiant.

16. Walnuts 

Walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 fatty acids and are energy dense nuts which make for a good snack. The high levels of Vitamin B complex moisturize the skin and reduce the look of fine lines. 

17. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a delicious, healthy spice used in dishes around the world. Rich in antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds, cinnamon is growing in popularity as a skincare ingredient. Proponents claim it can help treat hyper-pigmentation and acne, lighten the skin, and decrease signs of aging.

18. Ginger

Looking for a quick fix to mask that bad breakout? The antioxidants in ginger can help improve the appearance of even and restore skin.

19. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a rich source of vitamin C. Half a medium grapefruit can offer you about 50% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. This vitamin acts as a powerful antioxidant in the human body. Antioxidants play a big role in neutralizing the impact of free radicals in the body and fighting inflammation.

20. Lentils 

Lentils are one of the foods that help your skin absorb the necessary nutrients, and with vitamin C in them, your skin can get all the antioxidants it needs. These little legumes are a great source of iron, fiber, and protein.

21. Acai Berries 

Acai berry, with its high content of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, is a superfood for the skin which helps to deeply nourish and revitalize the skin. It's a great source of Vitamin A, C and E, as well as omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids.

22. Mango 

Including mango in your diet is a great way to support your skin health. The high vitamin C content helps support your body's natural collagen production. The high antioxidant content helps prevent sun damage and premature aging.

23. Bone Broth 

What do you get when you combine chicken bones with water and veggie scraps? Bone broth. The longer you allow the broth to simmer, the more collagen and gelatin are released from the bones, which gives the broth a thicker texture. Bone broth is filled with collagen, amino acids, and minerals that promote healthy skin. 

24. Bell Peppers 

Bell peppers provide carotene which your body converts into vitamin A. It not only replenishes your skin but also acts as a natural sunblock.

25. Edamame

Edamame is high in vitamin A, which helps keep the skin healthy. Vitamin A is also necessary for good vision and a healthy immune system.

26. Pumpkin 

While it's not quite as high in beta-carotene as other orange vegetables, pumpkins are also a great source of skin-boosting carotenoids.

27. Strawberry's 

Strawberries are powerful boosters for your skin, eyes, and immunity, thanks to their high levels of collagen-building, and anti-inflammatory vitamin C.

28. Watermelon 

Watermelon is loaded with nutrients that are all great for your skin. It holds vitamins such as A, B, and C, that work together to nourish and protect your skin. These vitamins also help boost collagen production, leaving skin brighter, fade spots, and basically refreshing and revitalizing your skin.

29. Brussel Sprouts

All the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in Brussels sprouts help to keep your skin looking and feeling fantastic. To produce collagen which keeps skin firm and healthy, you need vitamin c and copper, Brussels sprouts contain both of these skin-boosting properties.

30. Maca

Maca Root is a powerful ingredient to help increase collagen production and fight free radical damage. Maca Root Powder contains very high levels of Vitamin C, and is rich in essential minerals, fatty acids and amino acids, making it a must-have natural skincare ingredient.

31. Clarified Butter (Ghee)

Ghee has been used for centuries to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders. It also helps prevent wrinkles by improving circulation and reducing inflammation.

32. Spinach 

Collagen is a protein that helps your body create new skin cells, giving you a more refreshed look. Getting enough vitamin C can help you avoid a dull appearance and promote tighter, bouncier skin. Spinach happens to be an excellent source of vitamin C.

33. Almond Milk 

List of Benefits of Almond Milk for Skin and Beauty Effects Keeps your skin well hydrated, soft, and supple It has many nutrients that nourish your skin Minerals and Vitamins such as vitamins E, C, and B6, and calcium, zinc, and magnesium support.


34. Oatmeal 

Oatmeal has also been found to have skin-glowing properties. If you have any dark spots or splotches of skin discoloration, oatmeal can lighten them. The amino acids contained in oatmeal are known to have a glowing effect on the skin. Oatmeal also has vitamin E, which also serves to lighten skin discoloration. 

35. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are rich in water-soluble fiber content (as mentioned earlier). This enhances their ability to retain water, thus keeping their skin hydrated throughout the day. Everyone needs a natural hydrator for summer. Your skin feels dry and parched from sun exposure and humidity. Just like aloe vera gel and chemical moisturizers, chia seeds work as a magical skincare ingredient for dry skin.

36. Olive Oil 

This oil is one of the most versatile ingredients you can use in your beauty routine, and its benefits extend beyond simple conditioning and moisturizing your skin. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that can improve the look and feel of your skin, making it softer, smoother, and healthier overall, as well as promoting healthy hair, among other benefits.

37. Fatty Fish 

Fatty fish are a source of vitamin E, protein and zinc. Vitamin E is one of the critical antioxidants for your skin and is necessary for defending your skin against free radical damage and inflammation.

38. Kiwi 

The vitamin E and antioxidants present in kiwis help moisturize and hydrate your face naturally. The omega-3 fatty acids aid in making the skin soft and supple and keep it looking plump. This is one of the biggest kiwi fruit benefits for the face.

39. Grapes 

Filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants, grapes can help to revitalize your skin. In fact, they can even protect your skin from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation and free radicals that can, on a lesser scale, cause wrinkles and dark spots.

40. Green Beans 

Green beans are very healthy for your skin. They contain hyaluronic acid, which fights aging of the skin and hold onto water so the skin is moisturized thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The skin is kept smooth and moist by the addition of hyaluronic acid.

41. Pears 

Pears contain good amounts of vitamin A that can help in keeping your skin and hair healthy. It is also enriched with nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein that take part in a number of organ functions and enzymatic reactions. This also helps in keeping the skin youthful as it reduces age spots and wrinkles.

42. Sesame Oil 

Sesame oil contains vitamin E, which can help protect skin cells from damage caused by environmental factors, such as UV rays, pollution, and toxins. Sesame oil also contains several phenolic compounds, which give it its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

43. Red Beans 

The folic acid present in kidney beans is also beneficial and helps in the regular formation of skin cells. The new skin cells produced are very useful to decrease acne breakouts and clearing the pores on the skin.

44. Brazil Nuts 

Selenium in Brazil nuts speeds the cell turnover process, providing a natural glow to the skin. The high levels of antioxidants in Brazil nuts stimulate the production of glutathione, which combats free radicals that damage the skin collagen.

45. Guava

Enriching your diet with guava can go a long way in fighting the damage caused by free radicals in your skin as it is loaded with anti-aging properties. Moreover, eating guava also helps tackle the concern of untimely wrinkles and premature lines besides enhancing the skin glow.

46. Red Wine 

Red wines get their color from the skin of the grapes they're made with, which also happen to contain a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol. This is a great protector when it comes to UV radiation and therefore prevents your skin cells from aging as quickly.

47. Pistachios


Pistachios have fatty acids that help maintain glowing skin. Eating pistachios regularly and using beauty products with pistachio oil can help you achieve radiant skin without any excess usage of chemical-based products and the hassles of using such products.

48. Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is generally safe when consumed in moderation — no more than 1 to 2 tablespoons (tbsp) daily. But drinking excessive amounts of ACV can decrease potassium to hazardous levels. ACV may interact with some medications. 

49. Matcha

In addition to antioxidants, matcha also contains methylxanthines that help to boost microcirculation in the skin. This makes the skin healthy and radiant and gives it an even complexion too! Moreover, matcha stimulates elastin production in the skin, which makes it supple.


50. Cranberries

In addition to their powerful antioxidants and collagen-boosting properties, cranberries also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial skin benefits. Cranberry extract can help to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. It can also help to fight acne-causing bacteria and keep the pores clear.




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