20 Evergreen Neutral Nail Colors To Have In Your Collection

20 Evergreen Neutral Nail Colors To Have In Your Collection
Out of all the decisions you have to make in a day, choosing your nail color probably isn't the hardest. But with so many shade options, it can take quite some time. 

Here are some 20 evergreen neutral nail colors to have in your collection 

1.  Dark Green Nail Polish 

Go bold with this dark green shade. 

2. Yellow Matte Nail Polish 

Yellow nail art design gives you and whoever looks at it a refreshing feeling.

3. Pink Nude & Neutral Nail Polish 

Who does not like to treat themselves with some cutesy valentines nails on the go? Save this nail art look for 14 

4. Nude Nail Polish with Golden Glitter 

These nude nails are beautiful & feminine.

5. Subtle Grey Nail Polish 

Grey nail Polish makes a chic statement, as shown in these classic nails. 

6. Neutral Nail Polish

A neutral shade is ideal for a minimalist nail look. 

7. Grey Blue Nail Polish 

This grey blue nail polish will suit each and every skin tone. 

8. Black Nail Polish with Wavy Design 

We promise you that this nail art will go with your favorite outfit. 

9. Sage Green Nail Polish

Looking for nails that will make the ultimate statement this season?

10. Dark Brown Nail Polish 

The right shade of brown can definitely work like a neutral. 

11. Shades of Pink Naturals


Wear romantic pink neutral nail colors all year long. 

12. Nude Nail Polish with Glitter Details 

These nude nails are perfect for the office. You will enjoy them for everyday wear since they are so casual.

13. Nude Pink Nail Polish with White Twist 

This romantic design is both bold and simple, pairing a nude base with twisted white swirls.

14. Pink Nail Polish With Magenta Shimmer 

This pink polish looks great with the addition of magenta shimmer.

15. Shades of Purple 

We're obsessed with the shades of purple used here. 

16. Brown Nude Polish with Blue French Tips 

The right shade of brown can definitely work like a neutral. 

17. Lavender Color Nail Polish 


You can never go wrong with this lavender color nail polish.

18. Glossy Bright Red 

High-glossy red. A classic, bright red with a beautiful finish. This color glows from within! 

19. Hottest Red 

Red nails have always been a little sassy and scandalous in a good way. We love red nail colors for the holidays whether it's Christmas or Valentine's Day.

20. Shades of Brown & Neutral Color 

Never say no to sparkle. Never. By keeping the glitter to the side of one nail. 


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