All You Need To Know About Harkoi Nail Serums!

All You Need To Know About Harkoi Nail Serums!

What is a Nail Serum?

Nail Serum! At the first ring, it sounds like a new-age, luxury product you would probably find at a nail salon only to be used by a technician. It could potentially even be one of the steps of a fancy, overpriced manicure. But let me help you take out the notions and understand that a nail serum in fact fits in the process of selfcare. 

By definition, nail serums are essentially a strengthening and hydrating treatment for damaged, dry and fragile nails that improves their appearance by exfoliating acids and removing surface damage. It typically contains well-known, reliable ingredients like collagen and keratin with healing properties. Serums have now been around for a while helping restore the sheen and shine of the skin and hair. A serum particularly created to help your nails hydrate and rejuvenate is becoming a must-have for its benefits. 

The Harkoi Nail Serums are a range of nail paints created with the recipe of a strengthening serum and a touch of colour. Healthy nails amount to a healthy body. Whether you are someone who does manicures at home or someone who makes a run to the nail salon for a fresh coat every month, nail serum is an essential. It will help you keep on top of your hygiene game and help your nails repair from the damage caused by polish removals, gels, acrylics.

Nail Serum vs. Nail Hardener vs. Cuticle Oil

You may have come across the term ‘cuticle oil’ on social media or seen your nail technician use one before a polish coat at your nail salon. It has created quite a reputation for itself among nail care lovers for its repairing and hydrating qualities. Using cuticle oil also helps increase circulation around the nails, strengthen the cuticle skin and stimulate nail growth. A nail hardener, on the other hand, is entirely dedicated to making the nail plate stronger with its enriching properties. It is generally used as a base coat before painting nails and sometimes even as a top coat to secure the nail polish. 

While a cuticle oil helps make the cuticles i.e., the skin around the nails and the nail plate, stronger, a nail hardener works particularly on the damage caused to the surface of the nails. The nail serum is comparatively a newer formulation that works as a hardener with an added pop of colour. It is highly recommended for regular nail polish wearers. The purpose of a cuticle oil and a nail serum are unique, hence, making them both a great addition to your nail kits. 

The Harkoi nail serums have the power to give your nails the extra boost that they need along with a gorgeous coat of colour. The regular usage of a nail serum can also help reduce staining of nails making them appear clean and shiny. Using dedicated products such as the nail serum for nail repair will help with maintaining hygiene while applying skincare with your fingertips too. 

Why do you need to use a Nail Serum?

To get into the depths of it, nails are overall delicate and constantly prone to trauma. If you want your nails to be picture-perfect, pampering them with a dose of the nail serum is essential. It will also help keep the length of your nails intact. 

Especially for most older women and a few men, vertical nail chipping or ridging is a commonly found problem. It is a result of ageing and although we cannot turn the clock back, using a nail serum will surely help along with a nutrient rich diet. In an informative video, Dr. Karan Rajan, a surgical NHS doctor stated how the texture and appearance of a person’s nails could be a hint on various conditions. He explained that yellow stains could be a sign of a fungal infection and cracked nails indicate nutritional deficiencies in the body. 

Inside the Serum: Ingredients

The Harkoi Hydrating Nail Serum consists of cucumber water, glycerin and resurrection plant extract. These ingredients are famously known as hydration boosters in selfcare products. It was noted in the Indian Journal of Dermatology in 2016 that glycerin is ‘the most effective humectant’ available to increase hydration on the top layer of your skin in comparison to numerous others such as hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic and glycolic acid and more. 

The making of our nail serum collection is 100% vegan and cruelty free. It is also free of toxic ingredients such as paraben, TPHP, benzophenones and phthalates that are harmful in the long run. We believe in creating clean products that can provide you with great quality. Our non-toxic nail serum also contains nitrocellulose that forms a gorgeous, shiny film on top of your nail plate giving it the perfect finish. The nail serums are infused with resurrection plant extract that add to its clean and green formulation. 

To Buy or Not To Buy

In this age of social media, being an informed consumer is a healthy practice to overcome widespread misinformation. Especially when it comes to self care products, it can become difficult to trust a brand to keep up with their advertorial claims. At Harkoi, we are happy to share our ingredients list with our customers to create transparency. This not only makes our products more reliable but also creates an informed community of happy buyers. 

It is quite important to give yourself the chance to properly care for your skin, body and mind. Spending time taking good care of your nails and adding a nail serum to that routine will show you the results in no time. Investing in a good nail serum is taking care of your physical wellbeing. 


Team Harkoi, who of course loves to paint their nails regularly, recommends treating your nails to the Harkoi Nail Serum Collection. The Nail Serum is not only a hydrating treatment but it also works as a Nail Polish. The collection features nine work appropriate colours that are pop, quintessential and editorial. They have been particularly curated to suit Indian skin tones too. You do not need to take it slow when introducing the serum into your nail care routine as it only brings wellness without toxic ingredients. The rich sheen of the Harkoi formula is a must-have.


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