Harkoi’s collection of unique nail paints - formula & color

Harkoi’s collection of unique nail paints - formula & color

When we talk about beauty, the main things that come to our mind are commonly used products such as lipsticks & eye shadow pallets, etc. But we do not realize how big a role nail paints play when it comes to self care, & self expression. Those tiny fingernails of ours, provide an exciting canvas to contrast colors with our outfits or match them. Painted nails have the mental power to make you feel like you have some part of your life sorted!

The nail paint industry is growing day by day and there seems no end to the creativity people are bringing on the table. With changing times, not only technology is taking a leap but even the mindsets and ideologies of people are changing. They want to be aware and responsible buyers. 

Back in the days when people shopped for nail paints, they hardly cared about the ingredients and the content. But as we’re building our awareness and talking about transparency in skincare & makeup, sometimes our nail paints get left behind. People hardly turn the backs of their nail polish bottle to read it’s ingredient list. And even if they did try, the ingredients usually aren’t present, one, because practically all nail paint bottles are too tiny for the print, and two, it isn’t required by the law. 

That being said, it is of utmost importance to make sure your nail paints are made consciously. At Harkoi, under each product, you can not only find the list of ingredients List of ingredients our nail paints are made using but also a list of the 12 No-No ingredients for Harkoi Nail Paints. 

Two other criteria people might be interested in would be Vegan and Halal nail paints. Vegan Nail Paints do not use any animal sourced pigment or fat or shellac in their polishes. Halal polishes offer water permeability, or can be known as breathable nail polishes. Currently Harkoi Nail Paints are completely Vegan. Vegan Nail Paints

Harkoi is a brand that follows the path of veganism and creates magic with their nail paints. There are so many nail paint brands present in the market but Harkoi surely is a bit Hatke. It’s the innovation and thought behind the formulation, its gorgeous packaging, & eclectic shade range. Packaging

Our nail paints are also cruelty-free which means that none of our furry friends were troubled or put through pain and experimentation to make them. A perfect choice for all animal lovers!

In a country like India, where we worship our food and culturally prefer eating it with our hands, it’s crucial to avoid applying anything on our hands that can release toxins directly into our systems. Does that mean you need to be scared of using nail paints? Not at all! As long as you use any safe nail paint, you can feel free to express yourself. Look for labels such as ‘9 or 12 toxin free’. For you to note, Harkoi nail paints are free from 12 toxins such as Paraben, Camphor, Xylene, Lead, Ethyl Tosylamide, Dibutyl Phthalate, etc. 

The formulation of any nail paint is extremely important because, in the end, that’s exactly what counts! Harkoi nail paints were formulated in France to help solve the problem of damaged and dry nails. Our thick creamy one coat serum formulation, works on hydrating and strengthening your nails over the course of wearing the nail paint. This has been tested in clinical trials. All the nail paints are quick dry with a very rich and creamy texture that you can see in the multiple swatch videos we have on our page. Nail Paint swatch

In an effort to be as sustainable as possible, while we got our formulation from France, our nail paints are Made in India. 



It’s quite clear that Harkoi is not like any other nail paint brand. To make it more interesting, we have 3 categories of nail paints that include nail serums, nail lacquers and nail toppers. All the 3 perform very differently. Have you ever come across nail paints that are actually beneficial for your nails? Wait till you see the Harkoi nail serums. With Cucumber Water & Resurrection Plant extract these nail paints work on hydrating and strengthening your nails over the course of wearing the nail paint. They come in 9 lustrous shades ranging from milky neons, muted earthy tones to subtle blues and purples. For anyone who loves to be experimental but is extremely lazy and laid back, raise your hands up and join us at Harkoi HQ, because we’re exactly the same. We love experimental looks at the lowest possible effort. Meet The Harkoi nail lacquers, your new best friend. They are what we call ‘Nail Art in a bottle’. One swipe and you’re good to go for any occasion. They come in shimmers, glitters and duo-chrome shades that are all equally beloved. 25 Harkoi shades

Are you guilty of owning more than 15 nail paints? Is it normal for you to have 3 shades of blue, because they all technically look different? Don’t worry you’ve found your tribe in us. We understand the need to constantly try new looks without breaking the bank. Meet Harkoi toppers, a magical wonderland that helps you transform your existing polishes into something so much better! They can be worn on top of your existing nail paints, giving them a funky new look altogether or worn on it’s own. We currently have 8 toppers Polka Topper that include a fun range of polkas, enchantment (snow globe polish), gloss top coat and holographic toppers. 

Harkoi is a one-stop solution to all the crazy nail paint lovers out there! 


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