How To Find The Perfect Nail Polish?

How To Find The Perfect Nail Polish?

Whether you are taking a vacation or striving through a 9 to 5 work week, perfectly painted nails add a touch of finesse to your everyday look. It is truly a mystery how gorgeous, manicured nails elevate your appearance. Finding the ideal formula of nail polish can be tricky. So we are here to help you find the perfect nail polish!

Do’s and Don'ts 

When picking a nail polish, you must find one that can smoothly glide onto the surface. The application should be easy and not be sticky or stringy. Generally, one or two coats should do the trick. If you have observed your nail technician, you will know that a minimal amount of polish on the brush should be sufficient to spread over a single fingernail. 

A professional tip suggests that by the time you are done with the first coat on all ten nails, you should be able to start the second one right away. This way you can be assured that the coat applied was of the right thickness. You can achieve both a sheer coat that looks classic or an opaque look for a graphic feel with the same polish only by using different techniques of application. Remember, the best nail polish or lacquer should last for a week for more! If it chips or loses its shine before that, it is time to consider moving on. 

Not all products are available to test, so it can be a tough task to find the perfect nail polish just by looking at the bottle. So, to find the perfect nail polish you can also look into the ingredients. The Harkoi Nail Lacquer is paraben and lead free making it one of the most clean formulas for nail lacquers. You can also judge the quality by the price of the bottle. 


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